A new school and a new sport for senior Taysia Pimentel

Leah McGregor, Staff Writer

May 17, 2018

Over the last eleven years, senior Taysia Pimentel has grown to become very passionate about paddling. Pimentel has put countless hours into this sport during the school year and during summer vacations. She has been driven by...

Seabury’s golfers reflect on their rhythm in a record-breaking season

Ashton Kubo, Staff Writer

May 17, 2018

As the year comes to a close for most Seabury Hall students, an important journey recently happened the boys golf team as they traveled to Turtle Bay on Oahu for the David S. Ishii Foundation Golf State Championships at for the...

Seabury Hall to Seattle University: Senior Isaiah Payne wants to take track to the next level

Lea Stuart, Staff Writer

May 17, 2018

Seabury Hall’s track and basketball player Isaiah Payne has experienced the peaks of success to the valleys of setbacks in his athletic career. Payne has already had many athletic achievements, but he looks forward to accomplishing...

Seabury’s boys track team looks to outrun their opponents for seasons to come

Max Flammer, Staff Writer

May 15, 2018

The 2018 season for Seabury Hall's boys track team will be labeled as a success. The team reached heights it has not reached in many years, such as their relay team qualifying for the state tournament in Honolulu. Looking back...

Opinion: Ahoy, MIL: Time to set sail for a new horizon with sailing

Kai Ponting, Staff Writer

May 15, 2018

People often have large misconceptions about the sport of sailing. When I tell people that I sail, most people either ask me if I kitesurf or windsurf, or they exclaim that they did not know that sailing dinghies and keelboats...

Sports Opinion: Max’s Picks: Mock NFL Draft Picks

Max Flammer, Staff Writer

April 26, 2018

Disclaimer: These picks are as if I were the GM. I tried not to select the obvious pick for each selection. I think Barkley will go number two, and that the Broncos will not take a QB, but for pure chaos, I am going to make pi...

Super Sunday: The Tides’ preview of Super Bowl LII

Max Flammer, Staff Writer

February 3, 2018

After 18 treacherous weeks, the best teams from each conference square up against each other this Sunday. As the majority of people know by now, the Philadelphia Eagles will be taking on the Patriots of New England this Sunday...

Seabury Hall’s new gym renovations excite many

Veronica Winham, Assistant Editor

October 6, 2017

The Seabury Hall gym is currently undergoing renovations by Castaway Hawaii. The company started in May and are projected to finish in approximately five weeks, as they have many restoration projects left to accomplish. Several...