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Bad weather threats could not stop the Seabury Hall’s 39th annual Craft Fair

Bryan Berkowitz
Seabury Hall parents all lended a helping hand during Craft Fair

The Seabury Hall Craft fair opened with the music from a parade led by The Isle of Maui Pipe Band. Craft Fair is a huge event that Seabury hosts every year and pressure was on the organizers this year when the day of, May 11, was forecasted to rain. However, the morning of the event, the sky was clear and the sun was shining down on a campus, which was filled with vendors setting up their booths, preparing for a day of sales. 

The road through campus was lined with booths from different companies — there were jewelry tents, and many clothing tents, which led down to the area filled with cuisine tents behind Cooper House. The most popular, the Chow Fun tent and Pork Sandwich tent’s lines were always filled and never ending as the day went on. 

People from all over the Maui community look forward to the event at Seabury and start lining up when the day starts in order to have enough time to visit all of the attractions, like the waterslide build of slippery tarts covering the grassy hills by the gym. According to sophomore Kai Pelletieri, a student volunteer who was helping out at the waterslide, there were hundreds of kids that enjoyed the cool water during the hot day. 


The slip-n-slide was a hit! (Bryan Berkowitz photo)

“I have been swimming for a long time so I’ve always been around water so I thought if I had to work at craft fair, I might as well be around the water,” Kai said, as he is a competitive swimmer and a lifeguard at the local YMCA. “My duty was to soap up the waterslide, put water on itand make sure all the kids were safe.”


Along with the waterslide, one of the most popular sites was the flower selling area. Dawn DeLeonardis, a Spanish teacher at Seabury Hall, has volunteered there the last two craft fairs. 

“I loved it so much last year I wanted to go back,” Ms. DeLeonardis said. 

According to Ms. DeLeonardis, most of her customers were buying flowers in preparation for Mother’s Day which was the day after Craft Fair. 

“They had a range of prices, from $5 to $200 so everyone could find something for someone.”

Whether the day was to purchase from the wide selection of vendors or just to spend the day on the beautiful campus, the attendance at the event was outstanding, as it is every year. 

Craft Fair is hosted the same time each year, so be on the lookout to attend next year!

Seabury Hall student volunteers smile for a photo (Elena Parente photo)



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