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Dancing under the stars

Seabury Hall’s 2024 Prom Experience
The theme and promotion design for the event

Seabury Hall had its yearly prom at the gorgeous Wailea Beach Resort Marriott. On Saturday, April 6th, at 6 PM students arrived dressed formally to match the theme of “Under the Stars,” and were let inside to access assigned tables and food provided by the hotel.

“My favorite part was the location, it was big and fun to take a lot of pictures I was very excited to find out what the theme would be,” said Giulia Quinsaat, a junior member of the Spirit Committee. “It was beautiful and magical.”

Students (Left to Right) Zella Kofron, Kayla Ratte, and Gianna Cabanting on the dancefloor at the prom (Elena Parente)

The students received the food being served at the beginning of the night. The hotel provided tables with kalua pork, barbeque chicken, fried rice, sweet rolls, salads, and desserts for the students to take to their tables and eat with their friends before the dancing began.

“I liked the food more this year,” said junior Ruby Mackie. “The food was really good, the chaperones were nice and so was the theme.”

When plates were being collected, students gathered on the dance floor and the DJ turned up the music. Soon the main lights had dimmed and the music was blasting, most of the students there were huddled on the dancefloor for the rest of the night.

“I was pretty excited and was especially happy because my friends were going,” said junior Rylee Stout. “Junior prom is a pretty big deal so I was hyped up.” 

Prom is a night that the students of Seabury can get together, dress up, eat, and have a fun time on or off the dance floor with their friends and classmates for the night. A time to forget about the stress of school and to focus on having a memorable night with the friends they’ve made at school. 

“I was very excited for this year’s prom because of my outfit and spending time with friends since I don’t get to spend a lot of time with them due to school,” said Mackie. 

Prom queen (Harmony Powers) and Prom king (Max Moguin) after winning their crowns
(Elena Parente)

Although prom was a fun experience, students could not help but notice the differences from last year’s prom, with multiple reports of students noticing technical difficulties with the music than during the 2023 prom. However, the students of Seabury Hall still made this a memorable night and enjoyed the provided food a lot more, especially with the desserts, and drink choices. 

“Prom relieved some stress, it was fun to look forward to during the stress of school,” Stout said. 

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Andy Claybaugh, Staff Writer/ Graphic Designer
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