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Seniors are counting down until graduation

Class of 2024 walks on May 25
Bryan Berkowitz
The Class of 2024 pose for a photo at Seabury Hall’s reflection pond to start the school year.

As the beginning of spring indicates sunnier days and flourishing flowers, one thing hoards the mind of seniors: graduating. On May 25th, seniors are celebrated after four years of hard work.

More than 80 students will be graduating this spring, and as their time at Seabury Hall ends, the rest of their life is just beginning. Families gather around to witness one of their child’s most important moments, and seniors couldn’t be happier.

While it’s an exciting time for anticipating seniors, it can also be a very stressful last few months. From deciding where to go, what to major in and the consuming thought of leaving friends and family behind, it is with no doubt to say some tend to be a little nervous. Sofia Connor, a senior at Seabury shares her thoughts on her high school chapter coming to an end:

“I’m very excited, of course, but I am also nervous to leave my family and friends,” Sofia said. “I am the only one out of my friends going to the east coast, so that definitely makes me a little nervous.”

Sofia is committed to play Divison 1 beach volleyball at Florida Atlantic University. While it is a long way from home, she explains how she is excited for this new opportunity to not only further her education, but her volleyball career as well. 

“I plan to major in business,” she noted. 

Class of 2023 graduates celebrate after the ceremony with hugs and lei in May last year at Seabury Hall.

Picking a major is just one of the many things that some seniors find to be incredibly daunting. While you are able to switch your major during your college career, it is important to think logically about your future plans. One senior, Iona Asher, plans to take a gap year in order to have more time to think about what she truly wants to pursue. 

“For me taking a gap year seemed like the best choice,” She said. “I think I need time to figure out who I am first and what I want to do before I make such a big decision.” 

Iona plans to move to California for a year and attend her freshman year in the fall of 2025.

“Even though I am taking a year off, I still have to decide where I want to go right now which is a little scary, I can only hope I am making the right decision,” she added.  

From choosing a major to a college, it can be very difficult. For some it may come easy, but for others it can be just another hurdle they have to overcome. Coming from such a beautiful place like Maui, some seniors find it hard to give up the weather and nature aspects. Another senior, Tiana Hansen, is making a big move. She plans to attend the University of Victoria, which resides in snowy Canada. 

“I really like the snow,” Tiana said. “I am sad I won’t be able to go to the beach and tan with my friends, but it will be a fun change. Snowboarding and skiing will be fun.” 

While leaving behind the warm blue water and sun may be hard, seniors acknowledge that college is about furthering one’s education. 

Saying goodbye to Maui and hello to new opportunities, Seabury Hall students are destined to do well wherever they go, and I am excited to see the future of all my classmates.

The class of 2024 has their last day of high school on May 17 before leaving for their Senior Trip on May 19-21, which is followed by the Baccalaureate and Senior Luau on May 24, and then the graduation ceremony on the morning of May 25.

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