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Backstage look into the Spring Band Concert

Nicole Brooke Photography

The A’ali’ikuhonua Creative Arts Center erupted with magical tunes on Friday, April 12, as the middle and upper school bands had their Spring band concert at Seabury Hall. The performance showcased all of the students’ hard work and dedication leading up to that night.

“We started our concert with Stop in the Name of Love and we ended it with How Sweet it is to be Loved by You,” said Mr. Della Croce, highlighting his favorites. “I think those were the big ones for me.”

Mr. Della Croce, band teacher and director of Seabury Hall, works with students of all ages across the middle school to high school. For some students this semester, this was their first ever music class, and the Spring Band Concert was their first ever performance. 

Zach Bush and Micah Brighton play the marimba at the Spring Band Concert on Apr. 12. – Nicole Brooke Photography

“One of my favorite things to do is to play with beginners,” he said. “And then seeing this student’s journey from complete beginner to onstage within a couple months performing with that instrument brand new for the first time… I’ve had, in my upper school band class, students that have been taking piano lessons for more than ten years, and they’re only 16 or 17 years old.”

By taking this elective course, students have the opportunity to build skills as a performer on new instruments, be a part of a positive and fun ensemble environment, and participate in fun performances for the community or during assemblies at school throughout the year — no experience necessary. Students will be exposed to a variety of instruments and music genres.

During this Spring Band Concert last week, the upper and middle school students played hits from the Motown era. One of the band students, junior Zach Bush, has valued music in his life.

“I play all of the [instruments] that they have,” said Zach, which includes many percussion instruments and guitar. “But mainly the trumpet and the piano.”

Students’ skill level is just one of the components that they consider in the process of choosing the repertoire, which is the songs that they play. Along with skill levels, the students have a say in what is played.

“There’s a bit of a process and then it evolves throughout the semester until the concert,” said Mr. Della Croce. “Sometimes we have to cut a song, sometimes we say we need one more.”

Well, that’s a wrap for the Fall, Winter and Spring Band Concerts. Stay tuned for next year’s line up! For more information about Seabury Hall’s Performing Arts, click here.


Mr. Della Croce (far left) directs his 8th Grade D block on Friday.
(Ez Smith)
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