P.E. and Sports Credits


Spring sports have officially started and here is what you need to know as a Seabury Hall student during the busiest season of the year! This year the school is offering seven sports. The girls’ spring sports offered this year are tennis, golf, track and field, and water polo. The boys’ spring sports being offered are baseball, tennis, golf, track and field, and volleyball. But there are more offerings in the works. 

Beach volleyball, which is currently a club sport, is being considered for a school sport next year. All Upper Schoolers are able to get a PE credit from the beach volleyball club this year, seeing as it could possibly become a MIL (Maui Interscholastic League) sport.

Coach YaYa would also like to welcome a new head tennis coach, Kaya Udell.

Furthermore, since spring sports also mean PE credits, here is everything you need to know about them:

According to the student handbook, each credit earned for participating in an approved sport all three seasons is worth 0.5 points toward a P.E. credit, whether it be a school sport, an approved independent sport, or a P.E. class alongside two sports. Credits may also be earned by a combination of independent P.E., approved sport-specific training, or dance classes, which are each worth .25 credits. And from 9th grade to the end of 12th grade, the graduation requirements are 2 full credits, regardless of how they are earned. Seabury encourages participating in a sport every season. But the requirement is that by the end of your time at Seabury, you need 2 credits to graduate.

More importantly, if you still need more info on eligible sports or sports seasons, head on down to see Coach Yaya!