Middle School Dance Goes Beserk!


[Courtesy of Bryan Berkowitz]

       Conga lines. The Griddy. World’s Most Enthusiastic “YMCA”. Whatever the dance or song, Seabury students took it to the next level at the Middle School Color Dance on April 22nd

       Due to Covid restrictions and a weather delay, this was the first dance for the middle school in two years. It’s safe to say that grades 5 to 8 know how to have a good time. Mr. LeBlanc, who DJed, claims “I’ve been chaperoning and helping with dances for over 20 years, and this was the most fun I’ve ever had. I’ve been on the dance floor a few times, too, and this one was crazy.” Student Council sponsor Molly Schad also spoke with the Seabury Tides, and said “We were so thrilled to have our first middle school dance after a 2-year hiatus!  With over 160 students dancing the night away, it was the highest attended dance the middle school has ever seen. Thankfully the rain held off and our students got to enjoy a fun evening at school.”

       Students who attended the dance agreed it was quite the event. One 5th grader, Phoebe Golding, reviewed the dance: “I loved the dancing with my friends! It was such a fun dance, especially because many schools do not have a dance with 5th graders.” And Mia George, another 5th grader, added “I enjoyed being with my friends and dancing! It was super fun playing with glow sticks, eating, and talking! I can’t wait ‘till next year!”