October Phenomenal Fridays!

Just Dance 10/1/2021

     On Friday the 1st the Phenomenal Friday game was Just Dance. Some of the teachers were selected to judge the competition. Everyone gathered together in the courtyard in front of the screen. They danced their hardest and had lots of fun but in the end the seniors ended up winning the battle of Just Dance. The sophomores came in second place followed by the juniors. Sadly, in last place were the freshmen who had no participants.  

Water Balloon Toss 10/8/2021

     On Friday the 8th the Phenomenal Friday game was water balloon toss. This game was played in two teams of two people. The two players on each team held a towel spread out between them in the air. A water balloon was placed in one of the team’s towels. The team would then throw the water balloon to the other team trying to catch the water balloon in their towel. The teams threw the balloon back and forth with a greater distance between them each time, until they dropped it. Each grade had two teams that played the game. The first two grades to drop their water balloons were the sophomores and freshman, causing them to be eliminated. The finals of the first round were juniors vs. seniors. The juniors won the first round. In the second round the sophomores and freshman were eliminated first again. Causing the final round of juniors vs. seniors. After passing the balloon back and forth so many times the seniors finally dropped it, leaving the juniors with their first victory.

Tug of War 10/22/2021

     On Friday the 22nd the Phenomenal Friday game was tug of war. Everyone met near the reflection bond. Five people volunteered from each grade. The first round was freshman vs. sophomores. The freshman quickly beat the sophomores. The next round was juniors vs. seniors. The juniors beat the seniors. The final round was freshman vs. juniors. This round was intense and very close. After lots and lots of tugging the freshman finally pulled through and won the tug of war tournament.