Seabury’s Got Talent Strikes a New Chord

On October 11, Seabury’s Got Talent hosted its monthly episode, featuring Carter Rosenthal and Aurora Zoetewey.

Carter’s performance on the guitar was electric, filling the CAC with the classic riffs of Van Halen. Carter arranged the piece himself, incorporating elements of popular songs such as 316, Spanish Fly, and Eruption, as well as adding in a few riffs exclusively heard during Van Halen’s live performances. Though he’s been playing since he was in elementary school, his interest didn’t truly kick off until 8th grade, when he began considering the guitar a serious passion.

Ever the trendsetter, Aurora was the first middle schooler to participate in Seabury’s Got Talent. Her rendition of Adele’s Hello brought tears to audience members’ eyes as she dazzled them with a combined performance of piano and vocals. We certainly hope her courage inspires other middle schoolers to join the legendary ranks of Seabury’s Got Talent.

Seabury’s Got Talent will continue in November, featuring a brand new set of talented individuals from the Seabury community. Stay tuned!