Seabury Hall artists participate in Maui’s 95th annual county fair

Alex Abraham, Assistant Editor

October 18, 2017

This October, Seabury Hall students submitted art pieces to be judged and awarded in Maui’s 95th annual county fair. Along with Seabury Hall students, hundreds of other participants from across the island showcased their photography,...

Don’t namaste in bed, go to morning meditation!

Clair Peck, Staff Writer

October 6, 2017

Reverend Sara Shisler Goff creates a peaceful place in Seabury Hall’s chapel for students and faculty to meditate every morning from 7:45 to 8:05 a.m. before school. Reverend Sara hopes to bring a new tradition to the community...

Seabury Hall’s new gym renovations excite many

Veronica Winham, Assistant Editor

October 6, 2017

The Seabury Hall gym is currently undergoing renovations by Castaway Hawaii. The company started in May and are projected to finish in approximately five weeks, as they have many restoration projects left to accomplish. Several...

Senior athletes receive special recognition at Senior Night

Kathryn James, Staff Writer

October 5, 2017

On Friday night, the senior athletes who participated in fall sports were honored at Senior Night, which followed the varsity girls volleyball game against Haleakala Waldorf. The night kicked off with tailgating at the football...

Watch out: Mrs. Winham’s love for history might be contagious!

Lea Stuart, Staff Writer

September 27, 2017

Mrs. Michele Winham’s love for history goes back for many years, as does her love for teaching. Although she is a familiar face in Seabury Hall’s middle school, Winham is now also bringing her knowledge to the upper school...