Nattharika Kaonachaithawon
From 6,612 miles away, Nattharika Kaonachaithawon was born in Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand on December 31, 2000. When she was eight years old, she moved to Maui, Hawaii with her mom and step-dad, and she flies back to her hometown every summer. Although being homesick is something she always has to deal with, Maui is a great place to live. If someone just met her, he or she might say Kaonachaithawon is very quiet and shy; however, her friends would say the opposite. She is an only child of her birth parents, but she has a couple step and half siblings. Kaonachaithawon started at Seabury in the sixth grade and is now a freshman. In her freshman year, she plans on playing volleyball, which she has always loved since fifth grade. She also hopes to try new things that high school has to offer. Her favorite food is sushi, and you can probably find her at the Ale House sushi bar on a regular basis. She spends her free time going to a friend’s house or go to the beach. Kaonachaithawon also enjoys photography, and she chose “Street Photography” for the topic of her eighth grade project. Although photography is amazing to her, she plans on attending dental school in California after high school. When she is older, she would like to travel to many places. Coming from two amazing and diverse cultures, she is open to new ideas and adventures. Say “Hi” if you see her around; she loves making new friends.

Nattharika Kaonachaithawon, Staff Writer

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Nattharika Kaonachaithawon