Morgan Garcia-Stout
Morgan Garcia-Stout is currently a sophomore at Seabury Hall. He has been attending Seabury Hall for two years now. Garcia-Stout was born in Honolulu on the island on Oahu. A few days after birth, he moved to Maui where he has lived the rest of his life so far. He attended Carden Academy of Maui from Kindergarten through the eighth grade. After paddling his freshman year at Seabury Hall, Garcia-Stout now enjoys paddling both for Seabury Hall and for Hawaiian Canoe Cub in the summer. He enjoys the thrill of racing on the water against other schools or clubs during regattas. Garcia-Stout’s favorite subject at Seabury Hall is math, which for him currently is Algebra Two. He really enjoys anything at school that is academically challenging. He does not yet know what he wants to major in college. He either wants to become an attorney, an engineer, or an astronomer. Outside of school, Garcia-Stout enjoys playing and listening to music. In the second semester of his freshman year, he took an ukulele class taught by John Toda. Even though he is still not in that class anymore, he still enjoys playing the ukulele in his free time. He also enjoys playing guitar. Garcia-Stout is enjoys many types of music ranging anywhere from classical music to rock. Music has been a large part of Garcia-Stout’s life. When he was three he started playing the violin and when he turned ten, he switched to playing the electric guitar. In the future, he wants to learn how to play more musical instruments, one of them being the piano.

Morgan Garcia-Stout, Staff Writer

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Morgan Garcia-Stout