Cooper Waite
Cooper Waite is a new student attending Seabury Hall as a freshman. He was born in Connecticut on May 24, 2002, and then moved to California when he was two years old. Then, at the age of four, he moved to Georgia. Waite lived there for four years, and then moved back to California when he was eight. After living in California for six years, his parents decided to move to the sunny island of Maui. Waite’s parents had been coming to Maui for 30 years. Waite was understanding of the move, realizing that it was good for him. Waite takes Spanish as his foreign language, and he is interested in learning more about the culture and history of the language. He is also interested in the experiments he will perform in Biology. Waite is intrigued by what he will be learning in World History this year. He also enjoys digging into books in his Expository Writing class. He enjoys playing sports, such as basketball and football. In his free time, Waite enjoys spending time with friends and family, going to the beach, and trying new activities. He plans to run cross country in the fall and play basketball in the winter. His favorite basketball team is the Los Angeles Lakers. Waite aspires to become a sports writer when he grows up, but has no plans for college. He is looking forward to being a Seabury Spartan!

Cooper Waite, Staff Writer

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Cooper Waite