Ava Shipman
Ava Shipman is a freshman at Seabury Hall. She has been attending the school since the sixth grade, and she has enjoyed what it has to offer her. Her favorite subjects are history and English because she loves to write and learn about the world and its people. Shipman does a sport for every trimester. In the winter, she did cross country and was 18th at states. In the winter, she competed in swimming, which was a whole new experience for her. Finally, in the spring, Shipman is participating in track, where she hopes to go to states to do her very best. She is involved in many extracurricular activities, such as tutoring middle-school Spanish students and volunteering for the [email protected] by being the director of volunteers. Shipman loves going to the beach, the mall, and just having fun. Shipman can make anyone around her laugh and have great time even when they have a bad day. She puts her all in everything that she does and is a joy to be around.

Ava Shipman, Staff Writer

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Ava Shipman