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The Seabury Tides is the student-produced newspaper of Seabury Hall, a college preparatory school on Maui. Student reporters in the Upper School Journalism class research and report on news, topics, and events relevant to the Seabury Hall community. The Seabury Tides strives to publish content that informs and entertains its readership. It also seeks to be fair, accurate, and free of bias in its reporting.

The opinions presented in editorials, columns, and letters published in The Seabury Tides do not represent the opinions of staff, students, faculty, or administration of Seabury Hall as a whole.

The Seabury Tides invites readers to submit letters to the editors. These letters allow for more points of view to be represented in the newspaper. Letters will be published in their original form, space permitting; however, the staff reserves the right to make final decisions regarding publication.

Letters may be emailed to the faculty adviser at [email protected]