Logan King
Logan King returns into the action of journalism for the second year, as he has previously been a part of the Seabury Tides staff in his junior year. He is currently a senior at Seabury Hall and has been attending the school since his freshmen year in 2012. King has carried a passion for movies for most of his life and aims to learn more about film in college. He has done many filming jobs over the year, some of which were recording school events. King also likes to consider himself a major geek, as he holds an obsessive interest in different forms of media, such as movies, video games, comic books, sci-fi/fantasy, etc. When freed from the tyranny of homework, King generally spends his free time either watching movies, playing video games, being creative, or taking long walks. Usually standing out from his senior class for his long brown hair, King has a personality that mixes between a cool attitude and quirkiness.

Logan King, Staff Writer

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Logan King