Leah McGregor
Leah McGregor is a freshman at Seabury Hall. She was born in Salt Lake City, Utah. Her parents moved there for the snow. At the age of three, McGregor and her older brother moved with their parents to Maui, and she began attending Carden Academy. There she became interested in literature and history, and began volunteering at marathons. She also became a hardcore tag player. After Carden Academy, McGregor attended Kihei Charter Middle School for two years before moving on to Seabury Hall. McGregor has had a dream of becoming a dancer since the age of four. She has been involved in every production of the Nutcracker Sweets, from being a little angel to a polychinelle. McGregor loves the show. Today, McGregor dances five days a week with MAPA and Seabury Hall’s dance program, learning ballet, jazz, and modern dance. After traveling to such places as Scotland, Spain, France and Italy, McGregor has developed a love for travel through the countries' unique cultures, foods, and sites. She wants to continue exploring and currently has a long list of places she would like to go next. In McGregor’s spare time, you will often find her in the kitchen cooking a new recipe from one of her Italian cookbooks, or playing with her dog Capra.

Leah McGregor, Staff Writer

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Leah McGregor