Lea Stuart
Seabury Hall freshman Lea Stuart is grateful for the experience that she gets living on Maui. She was born on Saipan, the largest of the Northern Mariana Islands, and then moved to Maui when she was three. As a young girl, Stuart found a deep love for writing and reflecting her thoughts on life. She mostly enjoys creating fictional stories that portray their own twists to make the stories unique and compelling to read. Although Stuart enjoys writing, she also enjoys math because it is a subject that you learn all with facts; no debatable opinions are included in learning the subject. However, Stuart always loves getting an opportunity to express her creativity when creating her own content, which is why English is also her favorite subject. Stuart believes that all people deserve an equal opportunity to thrive in whatever that person wants to pursue in life. Since her mother grew up in Venezuela, Stuart has been able to see the diversity of cultures. After observing the different educational systems that are used in Venezuela, she has a greater appreciation for the educational system here in Hawaii. Stuart has realized that she should not take anything for granted when she has been blessed with great chances to be independent. As of now, Stuart has an interest in studying business, knowing that handling finance is an essential skill to have for one to be successful. If she is not at school, you will most likely find her out with friends, reflecting her thoughts in a journal, or watching Netflix.

Lea Stuart, Staff Writer

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Lea Stuart