Kendra Hardy
Kendra Hardy, born in the great state of Arizona enjoys the little things in life such as hiking and walking on the beach. Kendra and her family moved to Maui at the age of ten and have yet to look back. A rising senior, Kendra is still contemplating her choices, but he thought of being an interior designer comes to mind and she plans to major in that in college. Not knowing exactly where she wants to go, Kendra plans to focus on the West Coast, due to its proximity to the ocean. While she loves nature and the outdoors, she loves spending time with her friends and watches scary movies with either Thai or Italian cuisine nearby. A few years back, Kendra took a trip to Cambodia, which changed her perspective on life. Touched by seeing children who lack the essential needs to survive, she gained a new understanding and appreciation for Maui. Kendra doesn’t exactly know what she will be doing next year, but as she likes to say, “Everything happens for a reason.”

Kendra Hardy, Staff Writer

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Kendra Hardy