Alex Abraham
Alex Abraham, who is currently a junior at Seabury Hall, was born in Springfield, Oregon on August 6, 2000. She moved to Maui, Hawaii at the age of three with her parents and older brother and sister. Abraham has attended Seabury Hall since the sixth grade and has taken honors classes, AP courses, involved herself in Art with Heart, track and field, diving, and dance throughout her student career. After school, Abraham spends her time in dance classes for several hours and even more on the weekends. She has been dancing since the age of three and has discovered a special love for contemporary and modern styles. When she is not dancing or working on school work, she is at the beach relaxing in the sun or traveling to various countries. Abraham has already visited and explored parts of Asia, North and South America, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand and hopes to continue traveling to more places. She has found a love for the Hispanic culture and language as she often visits Mexico because some of her mother’s family lives there. Abraham enjoys the simple things in her life like watching sunsets, frolicking in pastures in upper Kula, stargazing, and watching the “The Big Bang Theory” with her family.

Alex Abraham, Staff Writer

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Alex Abraham