Max Flammer
Max Flammer is a sophomore at Seabury Hall. He was born on October 15, 2001 in Wailuku, Maui. Flammer attended Kula Elementary School from second through fifth grade, and he has been at Seabury Hall since the sixth grade. Sports play more than a massive part in Flammer’s life. He can often be found in the gym shooting free throws or at the outskirts of campus pacing back and forth watching the Philadelphia 76ers lose yet another game. He spends many hours a week “analyzing” everything from Eagles football games to watching Dustin Johnson tee it up at a PGA Tour golf event. Even though sports take up most of his life, Flammer enjoys his history classes, along with his English classes. He once aspired to be a sports writer, but the business is fizzling out. Although Flammer is not an avid reader, a book will occasionally be in his grasp; usually, an acclaimed sports novel makes it to his room. Even though it seems Flammer only cares about sports, he also loves to spend time with his family, and he enjoys taking his dog for a walk when he has time. As for a future, Flammer plans to major in sports management and will be looking to get “a foot in the door” this summer as he is going to a sports management camp in New York City.

Max Flammer, Staff Writer

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