Seabury Hall’s annual Craft Fair raised money for financial aid

The Saturday before Mother’s Day is well known throughout both the Seabury Hall and the Maui communities. On this day, Seabury Hall holds its annual Craft Fair, and this year was no exception.

On Saturday, May 10, people flocked to Seabury Hall’s Olinda campus to eat, play, and shop at the various booths scattered around the campus as well as at the rummage sale.

This year was the 41st anniversary for the Craft Fair, and there were approximately 4,700 people who shopped at 133 crafters and food booths.

The event raised over $150,000 for financial aid with the help of around 1,000 volunteers.

The Craft Fair is an important event for people all around the island. “It gives everyone the opportunity to work together, be it the parents or the students and even the greater Maui community like the restaurants and things like that. Because I’ve always believed, and I’ve seen it happen, when you work together you get to know each other. It’s not like attending a concert or a party. When you work together, you get to know each other better,” said Gayle Hart, the associate director of development and parent relations for Seabury Hall.

The event is also an enjoyable experience for members of the student body. “It’s really cool just going around and seeing all the different vendors and all the shops and everything,” said junior (and Seabury Tides staff writer) Jessica Brown.

While the day is full of fun shops and activities, it allows for many of the students to attend Seabury Hall. Money raised at the Craft Fair is put towards the financial aid program.

“It’s definitely extremely helpful for the students who would otherwise not be able to pay to come here, and the amount of money they raise that one day is insane. It’s a great way of doing it too where people have fun,” said sophomore Heather Kelsey.

Large events like the Craft Fair do not get planned in one day. Organizers have started planning next year’s Craft Fair now.

“We’ve already had some wrap up meetings, and we’ve talked with the people in charge. We will be working on it for the next few months to improve the software for shifts and to also improve the software for,” said Hart. They start getting changes approved in January so everything that needs to change is done by the kickoff meeting in January.

The 2014 Craft Fair was a successful event that brought people together and raised money for financial aid. Whether they enjoyed the food, pursued the shops, or played the games, this year’s Craft Fair had something for everyone.