Opinion: Afghanistan, what are we going to do with you?

Afghanistan has been on America’s mind for over a decade, and now our thoughts need to change.

Afghanistan has been through years of poverty, violence, and war, which have all affected many Afghan citizens in a negative way. Terrorists like the Taliban and al Qaeda have tormented Afghanistan’s citizens on the streets and have attacked our country and our people.

This war has gone on too long, and it is a time for it to finally end. It is time for the troops to come home and peace to be restored. The United States should take action immediately by training the Afghanistan military and power, negotiating with their government, and removing American ground and military troops.

There is a saying that states, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” This applies to Afghanistan’s military and government because they should be able to fight their own battles and know how to handle situations that need dealing with. They should not rely on other nations, like Pakistan, to support them.

Pakistan plays a huge role with Afghanistan because its leader, General Pervez Musharraf, strengthened the Taliban by giving weapons and aid. This resulted to Pakistan’s military and the ISI to support the Taliban after the United States listed demands for cooperation.

The Taliban are still in Pakistan and moved to tribal regions where the central government do not have any power.

America needs to speak with both Afghanistan and Pakistan to secure security and economic development. The United States should put military and structural advisors to help teach Afghanistan’s military to fight and to manage the affairs with their own government. The population wants economic development and security that will end the corruption to their government; they just need to learn how. By doing this, Afghanistan will be able to support its country and have security for themselves and other nations for years to come.

Negotiating with the Afghanistan government is better than waging war and violence for both sides: America and Afghanistan. Speaking will help gain a better understanding of  Afghanistan’s goals. With Afghan president, Hamid Karzai, stepping down from presidency, America can start fresh with rebuilding Afghanistan’s infrastructure, government, and economy.

Since Karzai’s rule has been somewhat unproductive with security and stability, this new election can bring Afghanistan hope for a better future. This can also result into using less resources for war like, guns, tanks, food, and many more cost expenditures that are putting our nation into greater debt. The most beneficial way to find peace and to stop the fighting is to talk to the government and find an agreement that will help both nations.

Removing ground and military forces is a major part in bringing peace and also security to both Afghanistan and America. Currently there are 38,000 American service members fighting in Afghanistan. American president Barack Obama stated that by February 2014 there should be about 34,000 American troops left.

American troops in Afghanistan is not popular to the citizens living there, so if we take most to all of them out then the citizens will appreciate America more and be open to cooperation. Having our military in Afghanistan is a waste of our soldiers who need to be protecting our country and our problems, not someone else’s.

To solve the real problem in Afghanistan, security and politics, America needs to train Afghanistan’s military and power, negotiate with their government, and remove ground and military forces. By training Afghanistan’s military and power, they can take control of their country and do not have to rely on other nations to support them. America’s alliance with Pakistan needs to be strengthened so the military and the ISI will stop providing aid to the Taliban and other extremists.

Negotiating with Afghanistan’s government will help gain peace and security, so we can fully understand the actions to make a plan to succeed. Removing America’s forces will show Afghanistan’s citizens that we are not their enemy but rather there to support them, also our soldiers can come back home where they should be. By following these polices, we can begin to find peace and security within Afghanistan.