Opinion: Seek understanding and you will find all people deserve respect and equality

Have you ever felt like people think you are inferior, less-than, or stupid, even if these people are not trying to be mean? Many people have felt this way at some point in their lives and continue to feel this way. It is a feeling that hurts and sticks to a person for the rest of his or her life. All sentient beings should be treated as equals in regard to their origin, and be judged by their actions.

Many people have seen the strange child who is by himself or herself and thought that he or she is just weird. This child is able to feel and understand just as much as any other child his or her age, so he or she should be treated as another sentient being, not as an object. These weird traits and actions seem to not make sense, but people often have reasons for their actions, and sometimes even good reasons that are worth knowing. A small bit of kindness and understanding can make someone feel much better.

You should try to understand the worlds of people you might see as weird. People are developed under different environments and circumstances, and you could learn more from these type of people than people like yourself. In my case, this “weirdness” came from my dyslexia. People treated me like I was literally retarded. It is a good thing that important figures like Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla, and Pierre Curie did not let their dyslexia stop them. People, even if they run on different systems, are still people, and they might even be interesting.

In the hindsight of history, we have seen how the mistreatment of sentient beings has been massively immoral. Slavery is an extreme example of the mistreatment of others, and the massive pain of being treated as less-than. During the French Revolution, the poor and starving lower class were treated horribly and thought of as stupid by the upper class. We see injustices in history, but the dissipation of such injustices in our own life is a goal for all humankind. Actions prove more powerful than words.

The only way for an individual to stop seeing others as less-than normal people is to understand them. People, just like anything in life, are hard to understand if you do not try. We are scared of what we do not understand. In trying to understand others, you help yourself realize more about the world around you and that there is nothing to be scared about, especially about others seeing you as inferior.