Seabury Hall’s girls volleyball team concludes a strong season with a trip to states

The ball slammed down over the net to the other team’s side of the court. The crowd started to roar as another point was added to score. Seabury Hall’s girls varsity volleyball team dominated this season by winning every game in the regular season and always managing to keep the crowds on their toes.

The team’s long and difficult practices paid off as captain Sophia Janssen, a Seabury Hall junior, and her team began to prepare for the state championships. Throughout the season, the team practiced five times a week for two hours each day after school.

As the season came to an end, the girls had hoped to finish of the season with a state championship added to their long lists of accomplishments this season.

The varsity girls returned to Maui after the state championships on Oahu ranked in sixth place out of eight schools. The girls played great games and kept a joyful spirit throughout their games. The girls gave it their all throughout states and the overall season.

Seabury Hall athletic director Robert Dougherty said, “This year the volleyball girls are really giving it their all.” The girls’ coach, Scotty Zucco, agreed that the girls put lots of effort into making this season a memorable one.

The girls JV team also had a successful season, winning most games as well as keeping an enthusiastic spirit and helping cheer on the varsity games. The JV girls made each player on the varsity team a sign with a little note to support them at the Seabury Hall versus Hana game.

Although the JV season ended well before the varsity season did, the members of the JV team made a strong effort to support and get involved with the varsity team. Many JV girls attended most of the varsity volleyball games to show their support and care for the players.

The varsity and junior varsity teams had a sleepover to get to know one another and bond. The girls all grew closer and made many new friendships throughout the season. Freshman Lacey Santos said, “Volleyball was a great and fun experience.”

Most of the team plans on returning to varsity next year and having yet another great season. Many of the players on varsity are current sophomores and juniors so, they will be returning. The varsity girls will be losing some members of the team as well as gaining new members, so we can all expect another amazing season next year.