New athletic director brings experience to Seabury Hall

In the summer of 2013, Robert Dougherty and his family packed up all their belongings and made the 2,390 mile trip from from Visalia, California to Maui so that Dougherty could work at Seabury Hall.

Dougherty is the new athletic director at Seabury Hall. Before working at Seabury Hall, Dougherty worked at the College of the Sequoias.

Dougherty is hardworking and compassionate, and he is a great fit for the Seabury Hall’s athletic department. He has already been a great improvement to Seabury Hall and is looking forward to an amazing year.

“Seabury Hall is a very special place. It’s a great school and has a very special feel to it,” said Dougherty.

When Dougherty arrived at Seabury Hall, he was very impressed with the polished environment and instantly knew that it was an amazing opportunity. He was also very impressed with Seabury’s athletic ability.

“Seabury won almost every MIL championship last year. So my job is to fix any tweaks in the athletic department and improve Seabury’s athletics all together,” said Dougherty.As athletic director, Dougherty oversees the sports and P.E. programs.

Dougherty also is one of the freshman advisement leaders. One of his advisees, Alissa Walin, said, “Mr. Dougherty is not only a good athletic director but one of the best advisement teachers ever because of his attitude and excitement towards being my teacher.”

Dougherty is also very involved in the schools P.E. program. “P.E. is a very important class to take because nowadays people are not getting enough physical activity and people neglect to understand how important it is to get some physical activity,” said Dougherty.

Dougherty also has plans to meet with to meet with other faculty members at the end of the year to address whether students in the arts out of school, such as dance, should still have to take P.E. He also plans to discuss other issues and problematic situations in the athletic department.

Dougherty plans on expanding and fixing up the school’s weight room and cardio room, as well. Dougherty feels its very important for all Seabury Hall students to get the exercise and physical activity needed to maintain a healthy diet. “Students must learn to get into habits of staying healthy and active,” said Dougherty. He also strongly believes that physical activity is an important part of everyday life.

Seabury Hall is very fortunate to have Dougherty guiding and overseeing the athletic department. Throughout the year, students will see many improvements and helpful changes when it comes to Seabury Hall’s athletics thanks to Dougherty.

As long as we have Dougherty as our athletic director Seabury Hall can count on a good year. Let’s go, Spartans!