Student government hosts a movie night under the stars

On Wednesday, Sept. 25, Seabury Hall had its first movie night of the school year. Student Council’s Social Committee organized a screening of “The Great Gatsby,” which was shown outside on the lawn before Cooper House. The event was a success, and many upper school students attended it.

Many students agreed that movie night was fun and that social committee did a great job. “Movie night was really fun and was way better than movie theaters because I got to bond with all my friends, and it was outside,” said Ana Lavongtheung, a freshman at Seabury Hall.

Student Council decided to have the movie night to show the students a good time. According to Mr. Turbeville, Seabury Hall’s Dean of Students, the movie night was organized “to give students a fun night to all be together and to give students an idea of how events are ran at school.”

Social Committee began planning the movie night over summer and had many meetings to ensure the event was a success. Senior and Social Committee member Nahenahe Norton-Tolentino said, “We started planning the event about a month before the actual movie night.”

Senior Blake Rizzo donated his own sound system to the school for the movie night, and senior Ethan Finberg donated a screen for the movie to be played on.

Admission was $3 for popcorn or $5 for popcorn and glowsticks. The money made at movie night will be used to repay back the expenses of movie night, and if there is any money left, it will go towards other activities for student government. Most of the money will go back into paying for the electricity, food, and drinks that were supplied on movie night.

“At movie night, we made about five-hundred dollars,” said Norton-Tolentino.

Social committee chose the movie “The Great Gatsby” because it was recently released onto DVD and many of the students had not seen the movie before, which made it the perfect movie for movie night.

The film is about a young writer named Nick Carraway (Tobey Maguire) who moves in next door to a mysterious millionaire named Jay Gatsby (Leonardo Dicaprio). “The Great Gatsby” takes place in the 1900s, and it is full of romance, drama, and a touch of modernization.