Film Review: ‘Black Panther’ is another Marvel masterpiece

Lea Stuart, Staff Writer

“Black Panther” is the highest grossing film so far in 2018, having already earned $619 million after being out for only two months. It shows a new, proud culture, and it expands Marvel’s ability to create a heroic movie.

Like every other Marvel movie, “Black Panther” features phenomenal stunts, great actors, and a plot that explains every detail perfectly. This realistic yet unrealistic film gives insight into a new culture, with other fascinating components that makes it compelling to watch.

For me, all Marvel movies are great because I have always been a fan of action-packed movies that portray a heroic message after solving a conflict. Anything with hard-core stunts and amazing actors coming and then saving the day is something that I never want to miss. Marvel gives that feeling of being in fictional reality, because Marvel always takes fiction to the next level by making it feel so real as an audience member watching one of their films.

T’Challa, the Black Panther, deals with the challenge of keeping the kingdom of Wakanda under the radar since they have full access to vibranium, a powerful substance that is able to make advancements in inventions with technology. When his father, the previous king of Wakanda dies, T’Challa must take over the throne and keep the kingdom safe also not letting the vibranium get in the wrong hands. The conflict comes when someone from the family’s past makes an appearance and uses his relations to T’Challa to take advantage of the family and take over the kingdom and replace T’Challa on the throne.

T’Challa must transform into his alter ego as the Black Panther to make sure that his kingdom never gets exposed to the real world while his nemesis attempts to do so. His sister Shuri, the genius, invents almost anything that contains vibranium, and his most trusted associate, Okoye, plays a strong female role in the movie, giving a new take on a female fighter. Both team up with T’Challa throughout the entire film and show a real team dynamic in fighting for the Wakandan kingdom.

Chadwick Boseman, who portrays the Black Panther/T’Challa, does a fantastic job. His character, sympathetic yet purposeful, is a heroic figure to watch. His calling to the trials and temptations of his own journey sparks conflict with his own identity of the known and unknown components in his future. T’Challa does not know what he has to gain and lose, and he does not know what specific baggage comes with their well-known family name.

The other cast members do an amazing job as well. All personalities in this story has a special bond; you could feel their emotions because of the family dynamic. After all, “Black Panther” is based off of a family conflict. Shuri (Letitia Wright) brings in the sibling bond and incorporates the rivalry of siblings through a sense of humor by cracking some of those one-liners as T’Challa was trying to be serious. She was always there to lighten the mood.

Marvel movies are almost known for their amazing stunt work, and the stunt work in “Black Panther” was phenomenal. It is not enjoyable watching a fight scene where the stunts look and sound weak. However, in some of these specific scenes, the amount of slow-motion cuts at first made things almost exhausting to watch. However, I think it was able to fit with the stunts because it depended of the tenacity of the scene that had to include brutal stunts to go with the “vibe” of the scene. For example, during the end of the film, when T’Challa fights the antagonist, the screen shows a shot of the Black Panther in this strong-hold of bravery-like position, making him look like the hero when he is swinging punches.

The graphics are probably the visual aspect that stand out the most with different settings that looked so realistic, that they almost look unrealistic with the bright bronze buildings in the city with a shine that brings all of your attention to it. One of the main settings, a city in Wakanda where the Black Panther lives in, is beautiful with the structures of buildings while including advance models of technology that looks futuristic. The Wakandan kingdom demonstrates a modern looking city, but right in the center of a valley, containing green mountains all around, which is very unique.

The outfits and costumes really show Wakanda’s unique culture. The women, such as Okoye, wear bright red sashes while getting to hold this golden staffs that convey the power and authority of any Wakadan member. Also, T’Challa transforms into his alter ego and wears a black suit that had a mask that resembled a black panther’s face, with ears, claws, and a extremely cool component that ties together the Black Panther’s outfit along with the antagonists’ relating to one of the biggest plot details.

All key points from graphics to stunts ties together very well.

There is a demonstration of a culture that not all Hollywood movies portray in a fictional movie. Since the main character is from Wakanda in Africa, the plot is based off of a new culture that gives any viewer a fresh perspective on a Hollywood movie. Making this Hollywood movie will certainly give more recognition to those people with color. It may just be a movie, but there is an influential aspect demonstrating new culture involving people of color.

Ryan Coogler directed this hit movie with intentions of wanting to explore what it means to be African. In an interview with Rolling Stone. Coogler said, “The majority of the crew was black – or [certainly] a lot more than usual.” He wanted to be inclusive, while making a movie that goes beyond your usual Hollywood blockbuster and start with something unique.

It’s amazing how with so many different components adding together. This movie is a great film that you will not regret watching. With a well thought-out plot based on culture on the continent of Africa, Marvel has made another amazing heroic film.

Our Grade: A-
“Black Panther”
Rated: PG-13
Length: 135 minutes
Genre: Fantasy, Science Fiction
Directed by: Ryan Coogler
Starring: Chadwick Boseman, Michael B. Jordan, Lupita Nyong’o