Opinion: More options and flexibility needed in course offerings

Why study calculus when you could study finances? Why study art when you are interested in pursuing engineering? Why study subjects you will not use in the future?

School curriculums need to change, specifically in high school. Students should be learning more useful skills in classes that they can apply to real-world situations after they leave high school. Obviously, there is a purpose for most of the classes that high school students take, but there should be more options and flexibility for students who have specific interests.

By high school, a student has found interests and knows what he or she likes and dislikes. If there are things that a student would like to learn about or classes that would help them succeed after high school, then don’t you think they should have the opportunity to take them?

Personally, I would much rather than be in a classroom learning how to do my taxes and take care of myself financially than in a lecture learning how to do impractical math.

According to a national study done by The Daily Caller, only 36% of American men and 31% of American women know how to file their own taxes. This past year, I started my first official job and when I got my first paycheck, I knew nothing about taxes, but it is obviously important as an employee to understand where my money is going. Since I did not fully comprehend the idea of taxes, I am sure others do not fully understand either, and that is why I think finance and practical classes would be extremely informative and should be incorporated into national school curriculums.

Classes need be based around real-world knowledge that will help students grow into well-rounded people. I think that law, technology, and current events should be more heavily emphasized in school curriculums for students.

I am in a law class now, and it has become one of the most informative classes I have taken at Seabury Hall. As a class, we discuss our rights as U.S. citizens, hypothetical legal situations, and how we are able to relate everything we learn to current events in the world. The class is extremely relevant for students, and I think it would be helpful in expanding students’ knowledge of the world as young adults.

Although I believe changes should be made, there are classes that I think are important and crucial to a high school curriculum. I understand that English classes are obviously important to make sure students are literate and can write well. Language classes help broaden a student’s international knowledge, and basic math and science skills will be helpful as an adult. However, why are students pushed to take additional irrelevant classes if they will not help them pursue a career they are interested in?

I have many classmates who already know what path they want to follow career wise. For example, I know that I want to study to be a nurse. Throughout my high school years, I would have loved to focus my attention on classes like anatomy and more biology, but I was required to spend semesters in art classes and other irrelevant electives that I did not enjoy. It would have been a much more beneficial time for me if I spent those semesters studying subjects that I had in interest in or that would have helped me for future courses in college.

Students should also be encouraged to take online courses or take part in independent studies if it will be beneficial to for their future. I realize that schools cannot have all of classes students want due to expenses and facilities, but online courses are a great substitute and schools should motivate students to take advantage of those types of resources.

Some schools on Maui allow their students to take classes at the University of Hawaii Maui College if they do not offer a certain course and I think that this would be an incredible opportunity for Seabury Hall students. Not only would students be able to attend classes they find fascinating, but they could potentially get college credit or at least get the experience of being in a college course.

I am not proposing that we take action immediately, but I think this is a good idea for schools to take into consideration. Students should be allowed more flexibility in the courses they take in high school, and I think if things were to change, it could potentially be very beneficial.