Seabury’s Social Committee hosts last semiformal dance of the year

John Kirton, Staff Writer

An assortment of desserts, a live DJ, an array of decorations, and a big dance floor were all components that went into making Seabury Hall’s last semiformal dance of the year come to life. With a short amount of time and a lot hard work, the social committee hosted the dance on Saturday January 21, in the `A`ali`ikuhonua Creative Arts Center on Seabury Hall’s campus.

The social committee considered the winter semiformal a success, largely due to the turnout of nearly 100 hundred students, which is far from the 40 students the social committee had planned for. “We were actually pretty happy with the turnout. We had expected less people, so it was nice to see more people show up,” said social committee member Alex Abraham, who is currently a junior. (Abraham is also a staff writer for the Seabury Tides.)

Events like prom, dances, and senior nights do not happen by themselves. The student council’s social committee puts hard work into making sure events like the last semi-formal dance happen seamlessly and are enjoyable for the students in the upper school. The social committee worked hard after school to perfect every detail of the dance and make sure that it was a pleasant experience for everyone.

One student who has put hard work into the social committees events this year’s is senior Sierra Schonberg. When asked about why the social committee decided to throw a semi formal, Schonberg said “Well, one reason is freshman can’t go to prom, so there’s not really an opportunity for them to get to dress up or go with a date or anything like that so one reason why we decided to make it semiformal was to give that opportunity to them.”

One factor that makes a dance complete is music. The social committee struggled to find a DJ to be present on the night of the dance. When the social committee faced this problem, they quickly solved it by using their resources which meant asking seniors Makoa da Silva and Kalan Birnie to fill in the place of the much anticipated live DJ.

People who attended the dance were very much satisfied by the music and skills of the two seniors. “I enjoyed the music a lot, even though some of the songs were kinda old it was fun to have a little throwback,” said freshman Timo Grupenhoff.

Another aspect of the winter semiformal that made the night of the dance memorable and special was the decorations. From white twinkling lights, to hue lights, and to simply the placemats on the dessert table, the `A`ali`ikuhonua Creative Arts Center was transformed to a fun and festive environment. The white lights visible from the dance floor and the placemats with snowflake cutouts were factors that tied in well with the winter theme.

A special component to the dance that caught people’s attention and tastebuds were the selection of desserts provided by volunteers of the Seabury Hall community. When Jenna Quiocho, a sophomore at Seabury Hall, was asked what she most liked about the dance, she said, “Definitely the desserts. They were very good. I loved the rice krispie brownies and the strawberry short cakes.”

The winter semiformal was a night that had many hours of hard work dedicated to it by the social committee and also Seabury Hall’s staff. With the hard work put in, many people were able to enjoy the night for different reasons. Even though they experienced a few problems, the social committee was able to overcome these challenges and provide a prom-like experience to those who might miss out on the event later in the year.