Want more Harry Potter? Check out ‘Pottermore’!

Lauren Sieberg and Veronica Winham

“Pottermore” by the renowned author J.K. Rowling is the ultimate website for Harry Potter fans, both new and old. On this site, fans can get sorted into their Hogwarts and Ilvermorny houses, receive their custom virtual wands, and find out which patronus best suits their personalities.

In addition to the quizzes that build up one’s profile, “Pottermore” contains intriguing news from J.K. Rowling, updates on the theme parks, information on beasts and characters, and background for many detailed scenes.

Ever since its development in 2012, “Pottermore” has changed drastically. Although the original site gained a great deal of support from eager fans when it first came out, the design evolved completely soon after. In 2015, “Pottermore” kept its old domain at Pottermore.com, but changed from a more interactive network to an article-oriented website.

For this article, we have broken down the website into four main components: quizzes, news, background information, and layout. After exploring each of these categories, we gave them individual grades and combine them for a comprehensive rating of “Pottermore.”

Quizzes: A-
The quizzes on “Pottermore” are easy to access with an account, which is simple and fast to create. There are currently four quizzes available: one for each of the Hogwarts and Ilvermorny houses, a wand quiz, and a patronus quiz. Once taken, these quizzes combine to build your “Pottermore” profile. The patronus quiz is visually pleasing, but can take a long time to load. It asks for the quiz taker to choose between three or so words several times to form a patronus, and the creature that you receive is adorable when romping around the screen. Each patronus is fairly unique, since there are 142 total possibilities. However, a slight feeling of inaccuracy renders the quizzes less appealing to fans. While the Sorting Hat quiz is designed so one can’t choose answers to get the house they want—most seem completely unorthodox, one being a preference between the moon and stars—nearly all of the questions are so out of the box that they feel too random. A good chunk of them don’t necessarily have to with one’s personality, rather their preferences.

News: A
“Pottermore” has an active news page that is updated daily. New pictures and articles are constantly being posted; this consistency is one of the reasons we gave the news category an A. The articles cover a variety of topics, such as film reviews for “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them,” opinion articles on each Hogwarts House, and plans for a future Broadway production of “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.” The articles also extend to cover soundtracks, costuming, character relationships, and actor interviews. It is also a helpful source for anyone planning a trip to one of the Wizarding World theme park locations, as it provides crucial information on any sort of ride or park closures and special offers.

Background Information: A
Overall, the extensive amount of background information for magical creatures, specific characters, and upcoming additions to the Harry Potter franchise allows fans to explore the magical universe beyond the books and films. Fans can look into the elaborate backstories behind their favorite Hogwarts and Ilvemorny houses and discover new information about the most obscure characters, creatures, and spells. This ability creates a strong sense of immersion within the wizarding universe, making readers feel as though the universe is concrete and right at their fingertips, and earns this component a strong A.

Website Layout: B+
Although the general website layout is unique, it fails to meet the truly “user-friendly” bar. The design is great for mindless scrolling at random and the slideshows, images, and fonts help guide any fans that want to pick up the most unusual tidbits. In addition to the main design, the layout for each profile involves numerous buttons and links for building up knowledge with varied tidbits about one’s house, like links to significant characters from said house. However, it can be difficult to navigate and find exactly what you’re looking for. “Pottermore” may not have the clearest layout for those who have never seen the website before and don’t know a great deal about the Harry Potter franchise. At some points, the arrangement can appear too busy and overwhelming. Regardless, the design earns a B+ in favor of the more appealing aspects.

Overall Grade: A-
“Pottermore” is an incredible outlet for anyone wanting to step into the world of Harry Potter and get a touch of magic in their everyday lives. The news and background information are the strongest components to the website. The current articles and detailed passages are exceedingly well-written, which helped their categories receive higher marks. The quizzes fell short in the accuracy department, and the layout can be hard to navigate. Despite these flaws, “Pottermore” is definitely worth the time for any fan or anyone interested in learning more about the series, so make an account and check out the magical world for yourself!