Seabury Hall’s girls volleyball team strived to find success in a rebuilding year

Hannah Sheveland, Staff Writer

The Seabury Hall girls varsity volleyball team trained, sweated, and played together this season. After losing fifteen players in the last two years, this season’s girls varsity volleyball team attempted to get back on their feet by adding six new freshmen to the team. With Scotty Zucco as their coach and Kiana Hyman as their captain, the team worked hard to do well this fall season.

Marina Northey, a senior on the team, said, “We’re in a year or rebuilding because we lost a lot of seniors last year, but we have a lot of new freshmen that are really taking on their positions and working really hard.”

Before this year, the team was dominating their MIL games. It was a real challenge when many of the team’s best players graduated. The new freshmen on the varsity team made the team a very young team overall. “It’s hard to expect a young team to act like a veteran team,” said Coach Zucco.

On Thursday, October 20, the girls competed in the MIL Division II semifinals where they lost to Molokai by two points. The team finished third overall in Division II for the season.

The team started off the season with a couple of wins, but also a loss in one of their first games when their captain sophomore Erica Pilotin got hurt and had to resign from being captain.

As the season went on with Hyman as captain, the team started to face defeat for the first time in a long time. Although the team lost their winning streak, they kept positive attitudes and continued to practice hard.

With multiple wins under their belt, the team felt hopeful when they went in for their game with Lahainaluna on September 16. Sadly, their game against Lahainaluna was their first loss of the season. From there, they lost their second match against Lahainaluna and then lost to Hana and Molokai.

“It can be stressful at times, like when we’re losing and I don’t really know how to pick everyone up, but, overall, it’s a pretty good experience,” Hyman said.

Coach Zucco has been coaching at Seabury since 2005, and he has coached some of his players since they started playing volleyball. Every season up to this one, Zucco and his team have made it to states.

Zucco kept the practices interesting and fun by mixing up his practice so his players did not know what to expect. Hyman said, “Sometimes we’ll have a really tough practice and sometimes we’ll just play games and keep it light.”

The team practiced five times a week for two hours. Those practices bonded the teammates and furthered their volleyball experience. “Since the beginning of the season I think that we’ve improved a lot,” stated Northey. The bonding exercises the team did brought the girls together in a close bond and let them work together easily.

The freshmen on the varsity team loved being part of the team and getting to experience varsity. However, they did feel pressure and stress while being on the team. In a year of rebuilding, the freshmen felt they are expected to do their best to fall into their position. They felt stressed to work their very hardest and make their team proud. Freshmen player Avari Anuhea Akel stated “It’s really stressful and scary-ish, but it’s fun.”

Next fall season in 2017 the team will be an overall older and more experienced group. Many members of the team believe the team will do a lot better next year. “I think we’ll do much better next year then we did this year,” stated Hyman.