Hurricane season disrupts Seabury Hall events

Veronica Winham, Staff Writer

Hurricane season has been affecting the Seabury Hall community in many ways this year. Hurricanes Madeline and Lester, combined with the heavy rain and winds in Hawaii this past week, have influenced decisions by the schools and athletics programs in Maui.

Hurricanes Madeline and Lester were scheduled to hit the Hawaiian islands on August 30 and September 3, respectively, according to an article by NASA on their Earth Observatory page.

On Friday, September 2, Seabury Hall closed school early in preparation for Hurricane Lester. The Department of Education had already made the decision to cancel the public schools.

“For me it was mostly safety. I didn’t want kids getting caught either driving home… or parents coming to pick their kids up,” said Sarah Bakhiet, Seabury Hall’s head of school, on her decision to end Seabury at 12:15 PM.

According to a recent article posted by the Maui News, in addition to school closing, the sporting events for that weekend were also cancelled. All practices were advised to not happen, and football games, a cross country meet, and all other events were stopped.

While the two major hurricanes passed by Maui leaving only sunny weather, the week following was filled with lightning and flash floods.

The Seabury girls volleyball team went out to Lahaina to play Maui Prep on Tuesday, September 13. On their way home, they were stopped by the storm and unable to come back.

“There was so much water in the road…It was up to the middle of cars driving through it,” said senior Marina Northey, a member of the girls varsity volleyball team. Northey went on to talk about how she was stuck in her car in traffic for four hours and was not able to return home until after midnight.

“Behind us was the water that they closed off so people couldn’t go through, but in front of us, there was a landslide,” said Northey.

Also on Tuesday, September 13, Iao Valley was flooded. Several homes were damaged, as was the parking lot at the state park. One family had to climb onto their roof and wait there to be rescued.