Seabury Hall’s Castle Library undergoes renovations to benefit the community


Lauren Sieberg

Seabury Hall students relax and study in the newly renovated Castle Library on Thursday, September 29.

Lauren Sieberg, Staff Writer

Over the summer, Seabury Hall’s library underwent major renovations to create an improved learning space for the community.

Plans for the renovations were organized by project coordinator Milly Boren. After numerous discussions among Seabury Hall’s librarian Linda Lindsay, Board of Trustees, and technology director Jon Toda, the decisions for renovations were finalized.

Library renovations began in the spring of 2016 with the addition of brand new furniture, and continued throughout the summer until school started again.

One of the most popular improvements is air conditioning, which was added to the entire library. “The AC is definitely the best part. Not only does it provide a more comfortable working environment, but it is also very refreshing just to walk into after a hot day,” said freshman Dyani Pierner.

In addition to the AC, the most significant changes include new doors, carpet, water fountain, solar blinds, and computer tables.

Toda assisted the group with all technology-related decisions, especially with the brand new desktop computers and printers near the library entrance.

Tables and groupings of chairs were added to help students form study groups in a relaxing area, Lindsay said. Lindsay’s goal was to create several comfortable areas around the library where students could study, read, or relax together.

Major changes like these have not been made to the library since 1993, when the chapel and library switched places on campus.

Various volunteers and board members helped finish the ongoing project right before school began on Tuesday, August 16.

The outside area is still a work-in-progress, said Lindsay. She plans to add more tables and some means of protection from the heat.