Here we go! Seabury Hall students elect new student council for 2016-2017 school year

On Friday, May 13, 2016, Seabury Hall held its annual elections for student council. Students ranging from eighth through eleventh grades took part in voting for next year’s student council officers and committees. At lunch, students who were eligible to vote completed their ballots, which were tallied later that afternoon. The results of the elections were announced, revealing next year’s student body president.

Current student body president Hayden Timmons passed down the title of student body president to junior Sam Frampton. Junior Lily Pickering will be taking on the role as vice president next, alongside Frampton.

After winning over the students’ votes, Frampton is ready to take on the 2016-2017 school year as the student body president. Over the past week, Pickering and Frampton have been battling it out with campaign posters, and of course, their hard hitting speeches that they presented during assembly on Friday morning.

Other student council positions include:
Sara Mutzenberg

Joshua Acidera

Camden Owens

MDSCO Representative
Ana Lavongtheung

Social Committee
Alex Abraham, Makoa daSilva, Conan Gentil, Zoey Nigbur, Sierra Schonberg

Spirit Committee
Makena Dougherty, Komela Dudoit, Andrew Gibbons, Lilian O’Leary, Ian Roth, Alissa Walin

Fundraising Committee
Kalan Birnie, Kiarra Burkitt, Paige Nagahama, Isaiah Payne, Mac Wilson, Eliza Wright

With the 2015-2016 school year coming to an end, we say goodbye to our seniors and current student council officers, and welcome our new student council and look forward to next year.