DVD Review: Who knew the boss could learn so much from ‘The Intern’?

Renae Lallo, Staff Writer

In “The Intern,” Jules, a flustered whirlwind and young rising businesswoman, played by Anne Hathaway, finds her calming force in the form of her 70-year-old intern, Ben Whittaker (Robert De Niro). Ben is able to help Jules through some rough patches, both in her personal life and in her career. When Ben becomes Jules’ intern, they bond and they both learn immense knowledge from each other.

Throughout the movie, viewers see the heartwarming story of an older generation meeting a newer one and finding a way to use their different skill sets to thrive in a modernized workplace. This inspirational movie sets a new standard for the loving mom and striving businesswoman to break through the glass ceiling and get past the bumps in balancing two lifestyles.

Jules starts her company, About The Fit, in her kitchen with a mere 25 employees and the clothes on her back. Thanks to Jules’ hard work and dedication, About The Fit grows to a thriving business with 220 employees. As a result of all this success, Jules is always on the move and even rides her bike around the office so she can move faster. The downfall is that the company’s investors begin to worry that they cannot keep up with their own success; therefore, a “seasoned” CEO needs to be hired.

In walks Ben Whittaker, a 70-year-old widower who applies for the senior intern position. He comes in and joins his fellow interns in the buzzing environment of About The Fit. Ben becomes somewhat of a father figure to the employees and acts as a source of wisdom and advice to the modern generation of workers.

Jules and Ben’s paths collide when Ben is assigned as her personal intern. Jules disapproves of this as she believes that he will be a nuisance. Initially, Jules pushes Ben to the side, but soon she realizes that he is a great asset and they eventually build a trusting relationship. “The truth is, something about you makes me feel calm or more centered or something,” Jules remarks.

The audience is able to see the struggles and the hardships faced by both striving Jules and her “ball of mush” intern as they try to navigate the windy road of business while maintaining good personal relationships. Ben helps Jules find herself and protect the vision she originally had of her company. He helps her to get over the bumps in the road and find her happy ending.

Anne Hathaway’s fun-loving personality and Robert De Niro’s charm, wit, and mischievousness add to the character of the film. Hathaway and De Niro are good choices for the characters they portray because they mix well together and their personalities complement each other’s in the film.

The supporting actors, such as the interns that Ben helps guide, really add to the feel of the movie because they have a very modern and adolescent tone about them. This allows the fatherly figure of Ben to shine through, accenting his wisdom as an older character.

Throughout the film, director Nancy Meyers manages to portray multiple life lessons and morals. Some of these life lessons include encouraging women that they can succeed in the business world, that sometimes a little “old school” and “new school” is the perfect combination, and that you need to push through the hard times to get to the good.

This film has many lessons to share for both young adults and older generations. It is both humorous and heartfelt and would be perfect for a lazy Sunday with the family. If you want a good laugh, a little bit of drama, and you do not mind a little thievery, this film is perfect for you.

Our grade: A
“The Intern”
Rated: PG-13
Length: 121 min
Genre: Comedy
Directed by: Nancy Meyers
Starring: Anne Hathaway, Robert De Niro, Zack Pearlman, Christina Scherer, Adam DeVine, Rene Russo, Anders Holm