Film Review: Kevin Hart and Ice Cube, he Brothers in Law,’ are back in ‘Ride Along 2’

Kalena Pfaeltzer, Staff Writer

“Ride Along 2” may just give the first “Ride Along” a run for its money, as the cast has really brought their A game to the table in this sequel.

In the first “Ride Along,” Ben Barber (Kevin Hart) dates Angela Payton (Tika Sumpter) who is James Payton’s (Ice Cube) younger sister. Ben is trying to be on the police force while James is already on the force as a detective. Going on a twenty-four hour watch of Atlanta, James decides to take Ben with him as a ride along. By the end of the movie, Ben wants James’s blessing to propose to his little sister.

The follow up, “Ride Along 2,” picks up with Ben and Angela engaged. Ben is now part of the police force but as a regular cop. However, he does go on ride alongs but just as a shadow and is not engaged with the suspects. James decides to take Ben to Miami with him to crack a drug ring case he has been working on. The trip to Miami is a couple days before Ben and Angela’s wedding. While away, Ben worries he will not make it back in time for his wedding.

Ben and James take on Miami. James is going because he needs to crack the case on the drug dealer, whereas Ben is going to prove himself to the lieutenant and everyone else on the force that he deserves to be a detective. Their mission is to prove that Antonio Pope (Benjamin Bratt), a wealthy and well-respected businessman, is the head boss of South Florida’s drug trade. James and Ben get help from homicide investigator, Maya (Olivia Munn), and computer hacker, A.J. (Ken Jeong), who has all of Pope’s files.

Kevin Hart and Ice Cube, who play the two main characters in the movie, do a tremendous job acting in the film. Both conquer their characters’ emotions and personalities. The rest of the cast also does an amazing job bringing out their characters’ personalities. Hart brings out the serious but funny parts of his character’s personality, especially when around Cube’s character throughout the film. For example, during their watch over Miami, Ben and James must go to a nightclub to retrieve something that links to Pope. Ben parties it up with A.J. while James stays on his feet for one of Pope’s men. Ben gets a little crazy as he sees it as his “bachelor party.”

The stunts in the movie are fun to watch; however, they are not very realistic. Nevertheless, they tie into the comedy of the movie, ultimately making it a lot better.

“Ride Along 2” is a hilarious film that is filled with action scenes that keep the film alive. Although this movie is rated PG-13, the inappropriate content throughout the movie makes me question if it should be rated “R.” Kids thirteen and younger are not ready for the maturity of this film. The first “Ride Along” lives up to the PG-13 standards, but this one should be bumped up to rated “R.”

Overall, the film was enjoyable and hilarious. I definitely recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys funny and action-packed movies. The movie follows up the first “Ride Along” very well and can be just as good. This sequel definitely ends on a high note, and it is a film that is worth watching.

Our Grade: A
“Ride Along 2”
Rated: PG-13
Length: 102 minutes
Genre: Action, Comedy
Directed by: Tim Story
Starring: Ice Cube, Kevin Hart, Tika Sumpter, Benjamin Bratt, Olivia Munn, Ken Jeong, Bruce McGill