Senior Cayley Carpenter travels the world


Courtesy of Cayley Carpenter

Senior Cayley Carpenter (left) traveled throughout Europe with her fellow Seabury Hall classmates Nani Wong, Natasha Tome, and Britney Lundberb.

Nani Wong, Staff Writer

From the United States to Australia, Europe to Canada, the United Kingdom to Nicaragua, the thrill of traveling never seems to bore Seabury Hall senior Cayley Carpenter.

Carpenter finds joy in traveling the world with her family, with her school, and with different programs. Since a young age, Carpenter has been able to travel and experience new cultures all around the world. “I think I’ve been to twelve countries other than the United States,” shared Carpenter in a text message.

When Carpenter was young, she took a trip to Germany with her family to visit her aunt, uncle, and cousin. During her stay, they went around the town and saw a bunch of beautiful castles.

Through a text message, Carpenter reminisced about her trip. “When I first arrived to Germany, I was struck by the deep historical culture that emanates throughout all of Europe. I think a lot of times in the United States we miss out on that experience because we don’t have as great of background here,” Carpenter wrote.

During summer of her eighth grade year, Carpenter got a letter in the mail from a program called People To People. “This program is an organization set up by President Eisenhower. Its mission is to create cultural awareness by exposing students to different countries in hopes that they will learn and meet new people,” said Carpenter.

Since then, she has traveled to Australia, Italy, France, Greece, Austria, Switzerland, and Germany with the People To People program.

Carpenter expressed that her favorite trip was during the summer after her sophomore year when she visited Europe. For this trip to Europe, Carpenter said they started in Italy, then drove by bus through Switzerland, Austria, and Liechtenstein, and then finally to France.

While on her trip in Europe, Carpenter and around forty other students got to take tours, eat at fancy restaurants, and stay with local families.

Carpenter talked about her visit to the Eiffel Tower as though she were just there yesterday. When her group arrived at the Eiffel Tower, the sun was beaming down and reflecting off of the sides of the tower. Carpenter and her friends stood in front of the tower taking a ton of pictures to capture the moment. In a text message, Carpenter wrote, “Being afraid of heights, I wasn’t sure how I would feel at the top, but when I got there I had no fear, just a feeling of absolute amazement.”

Seabury Hall junior Natasha Tome accompanied Carpenter on the trip to Europe with People To People. Tome expressed that it was a good learning experience. She too enjoyed the Eiffel Tower. “It was hard to take pictures of the view because the camera couldn’t capture the true beauty and experience of physically being there. Also, I shouldn’t have worn a dress because it was a little windy,” wrote Tome in a text message.

When not out of the country exploring new cultures, Carpenter is on Maui attending Seabury Hall. Here she is also involved with different traveling programs put on by the school.

Last February, Carpenter traveled with the school to Nicaragua. During this time, Carpenter and some of her fellow classmates taught kids English and Spanish literacy.

“The conditions the kids lived in were so devastating but you would never have known by their personalities. They were all so joyful and spirited, more so than almost anyone else I’ve ever met,” wrote Carpenter in a text message.

When asked to share advice on traveling abroad, Carpenter said, “You should research where you are going before and that will help you make your decision because you have to find what interests you. If you are really passionate about something you should try to go places where that will be fulfilled. Rather than going somewhere you wouldn’t like.”

After she graduates from Seabury Hall in May of 2016, Carpenter plans on attending San Diego State University where she plans to major in business. Carpenter also plans on traveling abroad for a semester when she is in college. She wants her next destinations to be Spain and Morocco.