Opinion: Places and faces

Ella Wall, Staff Writer

The gift that keeps on giving is meeting new people. The stories they tell will stay in your mind, forever replaying like your favorite movie. Meeting new people is so important when growing up. You are who you are because of the people you surround yourself with. Your outlook on life only reaches as far as the places and people you’ve experienced.

I believe people come into our lives for a reason; some are just too special to meet by chance. Although, friends, boyfriends, and girlfriends sadly often end, I believe they come into our lives to serve a purpose. Too often people will fear meeting someone new because of this, but what they don’t know is they are actually gaining something. Whether the relationship brings good or bad, every person has taught me some sort of lesson.

There must be this plan for everyone or a higher power controlling the way of things because sometimes you meet these people exactly at the time you need that it can’t be a coincidence. Think of all the special people you’ve met merely by coincidence; think of how different you would be without them.

We know ourselves by our thoughts and others know us by our actions. That’s why we must not be so shy to approach someone, podcast our talents, and speak our minds. Actions speak louder than words, so by sharing your thoughts and saying what you feel is the greatest freedom. I’ve learned to talk to people with more of an open mind and not be so closed off and its actually benefited me in many ways.

For example, when I was sitting in Maui Kombucha studying for my Art History class, a woman with ruby red hair approached me and asked if she could sit down. She noticed I was into art and then we started talking about her daughter who is living in New York City, a place I’m interested in. The conversation ended with an offer for a recommendation to a college in New York; she happened to be on the board at the school. She told me all the cool places in New York and how to be successful and love the life I live in the city.

This day made me realize what type of things can happen when you leave the comfort of your own home and step out into the world to meet someone new. Being open and showing kindness to others is the best thing to carry with you. All you have is yourself when it comes down to it; you’re born with yourself and you die by yourself. So in the meantime, you must create a temple inside your body of memories, stories, and positive thoughts. And when you meet people your not only sharing, but receiving. You keep what these people have to share in a library in your mind, forever and that’s how people can be immortal.

Everyone sees the world through a different set of eyes; that’s what makes meeting people so interesting. The different people we meet are what changes every year of our life, new people bring new experiences.

I think that’s the point of finding your other half; it’s a sense of balance. We would go insane if we were alone forever. You need to escape your mind in order to find yourself. When you become infatuated with someone you become them in a sense. You like the things they do and want the best for them. That’s our escape from our bodies. You must feel uncomfortable in order to know what comfortable is. Sometimes the people that don’t know us can give us the best advice and have a good outside opinion.

The lady standing outside Mana Foods with flowers and chocolate, the man in the aloha wear standing outside Foodland or Costco, or the healthy yoga expert in Maui Kombucha all have a different story. The randomness of places and people is the best part of life. One time my friend and I were looking for a certain organic farm, and we took a wrong road and ended up at an natural healing garden with a lotus flower temple deep in Haiku. We ended up going on a tour and talking to the owner of the garden for hours; it was a surreal experience of finding this hidden gem on Maui. I will often think of this place and the relaxed feeling it brought me of being surrounded by some of the most exotic plants that can cure many illnesses.

If you are bored with your own life, go out and meet someone new it doesn’t hurt to give a warm hello. It can even be at your school. We feel like we are set in our social groups, but often we’ve been missing all the others out there. Some of the best life lessons have come from people in foreign countries, friendly people in cafes, or people you usually don’t hangout with at school.

These days it’s almost a surreal experience to meet someone in person before knowing them online, but when you do, it opens up the world that larger to possibility. The power of eye contact and being with someone is so enriched compared to knowing someone through a different filter. You can’t feel that connection with someone through just the things they say over text. Think about how long we take to think of the perfect thing to say to someone before we text them. That time is spent constantly debating if we should say something or fear of becoming too vulnerable so we often hold back and refrain from sending that sketchy text. You can explain yourself better in person and experience their reaction with them, rather than a text back who knows how long after.

If you want to expand your experience, knowledge, and perspective, meet new people or travel to a different place, it is the most refreshing feeling. Carrying the lessons and memories from people is a sense of immortality. Those type of things live on forever, passing from each person to the next.