Senior class president Bjorn Nelson is dedicated in leading the seniors


Logan King

Bjorn Nelson leads the senior class as the class president. He is tasked with leading class meetings, organizing class events, and planning the class gift.

Logan King, Staff Writer

The days are counting for the class of 2016 as they get closer to their graduation from Seabury Hall. But the seniors still have three months until graduation and it can be quite stressful. Fortunately, Bjorn Nelson is here to help lead the seniors throughout the year as senior class president.

Nelson has been a part of the class of 2016 since the beginning of sixth grade. During his seven years here at Seabury Hall, Nelson has taken leadership roles as co-president of Seabury Hall’s math team and captain of the varsity tennis team.

This year, Nelson decided to step up as a leader for his entire class because he wanted to make changes in his class and help organize senior activities. Nelson believes that being the class president means having a sense of responsibility for the class, while addressing everyone’s concerns and ideas.

Lead senior class advisor Scott Prather has praised Nelson for his role as senior class president. “[Bjorn’s] doing a great job. He’s very responsible, he takes his job seriously, he works hard, and he’s really trying to give the senior class a very rewarding and memorable senior year,” Prather said.

As of February 2016, Nelson has already made great accomplishments for the senior class. He has been able to help seniors earn their privileges and develop a friendly relationship between the seniors and the sixth graders. “I want to make sure that everything for that event goes smoothly as well and most of all is that we have a great year as seniors,” said Nelson.

“I enjoyed having some activities with the seniors and the sixth graders together because that worked really well. Like for Halloween, we had a Halloween party where there was a costume contest and the sixth graders dressed up,” Nelson said.

There are still things that Nelson and the senior officers still need to accomplish before the end of the school year. “Right now, I am working on our class gift, drawing down different options, trying to see what Seabury needs the most and what would benefit future students the most here,” Nelson said. He is also currently busy working on other future events, such as the senior trip and graduation.

Like many seniors, Nelson is currently unsure of a college to attend as he still waits for responses on his college admissions. He does know that he wants to focus on a major in engineering, while possibly taking some courses in business as well. He will also plan to use some of his leadership skills to his advantage.

“I think some kind of engineering project management role I would be interested in the future and hopefully in company in that nature,” said Nelson.

As the year ends, Nelson helps the seniors go through their final days in Seabury Hall. Senior year is arguably the biggest year for any high school, as senior students goes through the stress of transitioning into adulthood. This only makes Nelson’s job all the more importance, as he needs to ensure the seniors make it throughout the year.