Latte love: Seabury’s seniors love these local coffee shops


Sip Me on Baldwin Avenue in Makwao has delicious baked goods and coffee drinks.

Scout Weymouth, Staff Writer

Every year almost halfway into the first semester, a wild group of teenagers is released into freedom thanks to senior privileges. These creatures leave Seabury Hall sporadically throughout the day and venture into Makawao, Pukalani, and Haiku town during their free blocks and lunch periods.

Seabury Hall’s senior class’ overall performance as leaders is monitored at events like Orientation Day and Parent Back-to-School Night in order to earn senior privileges. With an outstanding execution of the music themed Orientation Day, and an impeccable volunteer attendance at parent back-to-school night, seniors were granted their privileges as result of their cooperation, enthusiasm, and success.

Students return to campus with a wide variety of food and drink items. Whether it be the infamous red Starbucks cup, a gluten-free scone and iced latte from the new and trendy Sip Me, the signature Chai freeze from Casanova’s, or a brightly colored jar of Maui Kombucha, Seabury students have proven their love for specialty beverages. Some of the seniors in the class of 2016 are coffee fiends, and some prefer tea or juice. Seabury Hall seniors are extremely lucky because whether they pick a hot cup of joe, a nice cold brew, smoothie, milkshake, or kombucha, all options are available within a fifteen-minute drive of school.

Below you will find the must-try drinks from all of the hot spots that Seabury Hall seniors frequently frequent.

Starbucks Coffee
Starbucks has a plethora of popular coffee and non-coffee drinks on their menu, but as of right now, nobody can deny the drink with the best rep: The Pumpkin Spice Latte. This beverage came on the menu just in time for the seniors, because it is a seasonal beverage released every fall for a limited time. This year it was released around the same time that the seniors were granted their well-earned privileges. This mixture of pumpkin flavoring and espresso is sure to warm you up from the inside out due to its delicious taste, and holiday theme. For those who are not in the mood for Christmas in a coffee cup, but still need a little caffeine kick are sure to enjoy this next drink: The Green Tea Latte. Think of the taste of green tea ice cream with the consistency and temperature of hot chocolate. This drink is sweet in all the right ways. Students with a sweet tooth who are trying to avoid the mass of sugar in so many beverages should order this drink unsweetened with soy milk. The soy milk used at Starbucks is organic and vanilla flavored, so the sweetness from the sugar is replaced with a nice hint of vanilla. I swear you won’t notice the difference!

Sip Me
For the health nuts who still crave a pumpkin coffee, Sip Me prides themselves on using real pumpkin in their Pumpkin Spice Latte rather than the syrup concoction used by Starbucks. Although totally different, Sip Me’s PSL is just as good! The lime green color scheme, and succulents placed on each table, the ambiance of this new shop is earthy, modern, and comfortable. If you are ever in Makawao on a hot day, the Watermelon Juice is freshly made each day, and extremely refreshing. A plus to those with a distaste or allergy to gluten, the display counter is teeming with all sorts of gluten-free baked goods that taste just like the real thing.

Casanovas is an Italian restaurant that has served the Maui community and visitors since 1986. The food is great, but what really gets Seabury students going are the drinks served in Casanova’s deli that is only open during the day. Right after Mr. Winham announced senior privileges in afternoon group, a large group of seniors with the next free block practically skipped to their cars and into the deli’s welcoming doors. You can’t go wrong with a simple Iced Latte from the deli on a hot day, or a Hot Latte on a blustery December morning. The Chai Freeze is the staple drink for many seniors. The baristas at Casanovas handcraft this drink with chai spice and vanilla ice cream, and when someone’s really craving something sweet, they make a Marbled Chai Freeze, which is basically the same, but with a little white chocolate thrown into the mix.

Maui Kombucha
Maui Kombucha is a great hangout spot with an awesome ambiance and friendly employees. The menu changes daily but always consists of Kombucha, sweet and savory raw vegan treats, and some seriously caffeinated coffee. It’s strange to think teenagers would love drinking a tea made of fermented mushrooms so much, but they do! Maui Kombucha has a wide variety of flavors, but only has three flavors available at a time. The most popular flavors are prickly pear, ginger lime, lavender lemonade, MOG (Mango Orange Guava), and watermelon lime. Although Kombucha is the most popular item on the menu, the coffee is quite delicious too. Maui Kombucha uses nitro brewed coffee in all of their coffee drinks, and a favorite is the Love Buzz. This coffee packs a punch, its ingredients are nitro brewed coffee, coconut milk, macnut sugar, and one special ingredient that is not disclosed to the public.

Rodeo General Store
Rodeo is a quick and easy stop for students who are in a rush to get back to campus. The chai latte is phenomenal, but to give it a little kick ordering the The Dirty Chai with Cold Brew is recommended. This refreshing iced drink will cool you off on a hot day, but give your body and taste buds a nice little boost of energy and flavor. For those who wouldn’t enjoy a coffee but also need a boost, the Acai Energy Smoothie is probably the best smoothie on the menu for the job.