Opinion: Never forget your roots


Nattharika Kaonachaithawon, Staff Writer

With distractions such as homework and social life, we do not know what to focus on: our future or our past. In my opinion, people need to focus on their pasts and their native cultures. Your native culture has been there with you since you were born and will stick with you till you die. Your roots and where you come from makes up a big part of who you are. Never forget your roots.

I try my best to never forget where I came from. I am Thai, and I am proud to be and I have learned from my experience that it is not a bad thing to be different.

America is so different from Thailand. Being an American teen is challenging and so different. I have to transition my lifestyle for two months a year because I spend the summer in Thailand. I have to change somethings a little bit when I go back to Thailand because the customs between two countries are not the same. The dressing choices are different and people speak differently. What might be popular in America might not be in Thailand, like crop-tops. They are huge in the United States, but if you wore that in Thailand, people might give you weird looks.

People should not be ashamed of where they came from because we are all humans. People should rather embrace where they are from because your heritage creates a bigger picture of you. Some cultures eat different things, and others have different clothing styles. All these things are unique and are quite interesting to see. In Thailand we have traditional clothing, but unlike what people think, we do not wear them every day.

Learn more about the place your ancestors came from you might learn a fact or two. I travel to Thailand every summer, and that is a great way to keep in touch with my heritage because I am surrounded by people who have similar traits to me. Everyone there has the same skin color so that makes it easily to fit in. I also feel more comfortable there because I feel like I belong there and I know what other people are referring to, unlike America where I can not relate to many things because I have not experienced them.

If your native language is available to you, it is a huge advantage to be multilingual. People will want to hear you. More opportunities are offered, and it is something outstanding to have. The best way to never forget it is to practice it a lot. Luckily for me, my mom is fluent in Thai, and I hear it around the house all day. I thought was embarrassing to speak Thai because maybe it’s not as complex as French or German. Every language is the same; they tell a story and that’s all that matter. Language helps us communicate with others and to help us understand each other.

I try my best to stick to where I came from: Thailand. I would never want to lose this important part of my identity. Even though my 14-year-old self thinks it is better to blend in, I also realize that standing out is wonderful. Never forget where you from from because how can there be a beautiful tree if it didn’t all start at the roots?