Faculty Q & A: Get to know Ms. Francesca Cipro


Anabela Cagen

Seabury Hall’s assistant college counselor Francesca Cipro helps guide seniors through the college application process.

Anabela Cagen, Staff Writer

Applying for college can be stressful and scary for seniors, but thankfully there is someone like Francesca “Chesa” Cipro to help navigate students on their path to college. When seniors walk into the college counseling room, Ms. Cipro is a familiar face to help guide them through their application process. In addition to being the assistant college counselor, Ms. Cipro is also the president of the Seabury Hall Alumni Association and wants to keep alumni engaged in the Seabury Hall community. Although Ms. Cipro is very busy, she is also a devoted mother and a passionate soccer player.

How many years have you worked at Seabury Hall?
Almost a full year.

What brought you to Seabury Hall?
I graduated from Seabury Hall, Class of ‘99. Four years ago, I joined the Alumni Association and through working alumni events I got reconnected with the campus and then I did some work with the development office and I recently joined the college counseling staff this last year.

Why did you join the college counseling staff?
There was a position open for an assistant to Mrs. Walsh, so I filled that position because the other assistant was leaving. Now, we are building a college counseling office to include two college counselors, so I am training under Mrs. Walsh to be a second counselor with her

What does your job as assistant college counselor entail?
It entails everything that is involved in the college counseling process under the curriculum that Mrs. Walsh has designed. I support her in teaching the college counseling classes to the juniors and seniors. I help organize the testing, the PSAT and AP Testing. I help students apply for scholarships in the spring. I schedule all of the college visits with incoming reps. So those are duties that are more my duties and then I support Mrs. Walsh where she needs. In terms of college counseling class, she designs the classes and teaches them and then I support her in specific ways with students that either need specific research done for them or that might need extra time on things. So yeah, lots of things, everything that is a part of the college process, and I am learning under Mrs. Walsh.

What are your responsibilities as the President of the Seabury Hall Alumni Association?
As the President of the Alumni Association, I work very closely with our Alumni Director, Kimber Carhart. I oversee all of our Seabury Hall Alumni Association board meetings and I serve on different committees on our board that work to put on events and fundraisers and help to increase alumni engagement. Basically, our mission is to engage alumni and to promote a culture of giving back to Seabury Hall.

What is something interesting that students would be surprised to know about you?
I have two kids, two young kids. And I love to play soccer, and I play soccer as often as I possibly can.

Really? Did you play soccer in college?
Yup. I went to Scripps College in Claremont, California which is a Division III. It was fun. I loved playing there. Well, I only played for two years and that was just because of the team and what else that was going on in college for me. I decided to actually not play my junior year, but I did love playing and it was a great experience. I now organize an adult co-ed league on island, and that’s super fun. I love playing soccer again.

Do you have any advice for students in planning for their futures?
Be open to new experiences and opportunities and remember that your path is always changing. So, get excited about whatever it is that drives you and as long as you do the footwork, in whatever direction you want to, you will find what works for you. Always be open to something new and to change. I think that is the greatest thing about college specifically is that you have so many opportunities that you need to take advantage of.