Opinion: Snapchat: 150 seconds of unpresentable faces

Juston Nees, Staff Writer

Many of us have done it. We have looked out into space for a prolonged period of time only to check a friend’s Snapchat story to see ourselves with a hilarious caption or a subpar doodle, making us look like a king or a dinosaur.

Snapchat is by far one of the most preferred social media platforms in our day and age. I personally love it. It makes things seem more natural because it is the app that is the most similar to talking in person. Most of the time Snapchats disappear forever after the user’s set number of seconds runs out unless someone screenshots it. But for the most part, it allows people to make a funny face or step out of their comfort zone and not worry about that photo being posted on the internet.

Snapchat pretty much takes you directly into someone else’s life, and it makes getting in contact with people a lot easier. There are a lot of selfies you wouldn’t necessarily want to send knowing the receiver would have permanently have them. Picture messages also take forever to send, unlike Snapchat. Many candid and funny pictures and conversations happen through Snapchat just because the fact that it is so fast and everything disappears.

Unfortunately, though, the app has caused a lot of invasion of privacy, sometimes funny but also sometimes offensive. Many people know the one friend who is always Snapchatting every single thing that they see, and if you’re with them, it makes you feel like your life is becoming a new documentary short film. C’mon, who really wants to watch a 200-second story of somebody going to Starbucks?

I highly encourage everybody to download and use the app, but you should use it correctly. A good rule of thumb is to think if there is any way that a photo could be perceived as hurtful. If there is any uncertainty, then do not post it. Nothing is worse than the guilt of accidentally saying something hurtful.

The app has a potential to be harmful just because it is so straightforward and easy to use. Most of the time you do not think before you send something; you just do it, then lock your phone without giving it a second thought.

Snapchat is a revolutionary app that allows for you to connect with friends and send funny pictures, but be respectful of other people and do not abuse the app or use it maliciously.