Opinion: Chipotle, hear our prayers: Come to Maui

Aiden Gera, Staff Writer

Maui is a paradise, with palm trees, beaches, and sunshine. We have amazing exotic foods and restaurants that line the beaches and malls, yet we don’t have a Chipotle. The lack of food establishments that the rest of the United States is made of makes us look inferior. With no Chipotle, Panera, Chick-fil-A, or In-N-Out, we are overflowing with a sense of emptiness. Until we are given what we plead for, we will not be satisfied.

We should support the local businesses and appreciate what they do for us, but unfortunately it doesn’t always work that way. Being separated from the main food chains in the other 49 states leaves many of us feeling incomplete.

Expanding and creating new food establishments in Maui will improve the economy by developing more jobs and business opportunities. Chipotle alone has 53,090 employees in 1,800 different locations; this means on average each location has 29 employees. One Chipotle alone can open around 30 jobs, helping the approximately 7,000 unemployed citizens who currently live on Maui.

More food establishments will add a new taste to Maui and spice up our economy. This will add more diversity to our island and connect us to the rest of the United States, since some people think that we are a different entity. Diversity to our island will give more options for residents to enjoy a new taste and experience. The many tourists who travel through our island may be unfamiliar with all the foods, and may need a connection back to where they live if they get homesick.

Since there are limited affordable food options on Maui, we need new alternatives for the expensive produce and goods. Although we have McDonalds and Burger King, after a while, they have become bland. We are in need of a new restaurant to give a new feel to the food industry on Maui. As a community, new food establishments would help with job opportunities and diversity.

Paradise is the place to be, but without tasty restaurants like Panera and Chipotle, it can also be a pretty mundane place to be.