Opinion: Four kinds of music lovers: Which one are you?

Zofia Kayian, Staff Writer

Music is an international language. Someone from across the world could be listening to the same Beyoncé song that you are listening to right now, and almost everyone secretly knows all the words to at least one One Direction song. But one thing that makes us different is our music taste and how we react to the music. There are many different music lovers that you may know, but my favorite four music fanatics are: The Fangirl/boy, The Hipster, The Poly Fan, and The Trendsetter.

The Fangirl/boy
This specific fan is, in other words, obsessed. They can’t only listen to the music; they eat, drink, and sleep the music. If most of us were to be honest, we can all think of a time when we had a Fangirl/boy moment; I know I have. After discovering the band, group, person, etc., the Fangirls/boys’ whole life is dedicated to that music. If you go into their bedroom, posters of the musician will most likely be covering every inch of their walls. Their Instagram, and Tumblr name will change to something that has to do with the musicians, such as @TayTayis_baebae__ or @JB_is_babe. Fangirls/boys feel as though the artists are their children or something they need to protect. A lot of people are scared of the Fangirls/boys’ dedication because whenever “their” artist is hurt in anyway they will come to the rescue and most likely will drag or roast anyone who is responsible. Fangirls/boys may have their crazy to almost scary moments, but they are the most loyal fans and their fan base can’t be taken down easily.

The Hipster
“You know that band The Flaming Lips? No, of course you don’t.” That is the Hipsters’ classic catch phrase. Hipsters usually hate anything too mainstream. They pride themselves on their originality and out-of-the-ordinary playlists. Most people think the Hipster is pretentious for disliking people such as Bruno Mars, Demi Lovato, and Taylor Swift, because they are popular and not because of their talent. If you are a huge fan of any mainstream musician, you and the Hipster probably won’t see eye to eye. But it’s always good to have a Hipster around, because when you want some music you haven’t heard of before, you have someone to ask.

The Poly Fan
The Poly Fan—which is what I identify myself as—listens to all the music genres you can name: country, pop, rap, R&B, etc. Their music taste is the most eclectic out of the four groups. You can probably find many songs from their playlist that you actually like and anyone can get along with a Poly Fan. They aren’t too obsessed, but they still have their favorites. Poly Fans usually listen to music because of the talent of the musician. They aren’t influenced by what the majority says they should or shouldn’t listen to.

The Trendsetter
Think about all the most popular songs at the moment. Who made them popular? That would be the Trendsetter’s responsibility. They find the unpopular or unknown musicians and make them popular and known. No one really knows how the Trendsetters do it, but they always come up with something. Maybe the Trendsetters have a lot of followers on Twitter and see their Tweets about the musician? Maybe they just have a lot of friends in real life? The world may never really know. What we don’t want to know is what music would be popular without the Trendsetter’s influence. The Trendsetters have affected music history for ages, and they will continue to do so.

Even though all these people may have different tastes, they all share a love for music. Music gives us a common interest; it bring us together. Music has made and broken many of my friendships, but mostly make. When you’re meeting new people and don’t know what to talk about, music is a great start.