DVD Review: There are few faults in ‘San Andreas’

Nattharika Kaonachaithawon, Staff Writer

In the recently released film “San Andreas,” the big one hits California. Viewers are taken on a thrilling and bumpy ride when an earthquake shakes the state, showing how both a city and a family handle such a horrific natural disaster.

Before the earthquake strikes, Ray Gaines (Dwayne Johnson) goes through some family problems because of how focused he is on his career as a Los Angeles Fire Department rescue helicopter pilot. While Ray and his wife Emma (Carla Gugino) are going through a divorce, he also feels as though Emma’s new boyfriend Daniel (Ioan Gruffudd) is trying to take his spot as his daughter’s new dad.

Ray’s daughter Blake (Alexandra Daddario) takes after her father in many ways. Blake learns a variety of skills from her father that she will use later in the film. With her skills, she helps her friends that she meets along the way. Ben (Hugo Johnstone-Burt) and his brother Ollie (Art Parkinson) are two of the friends she meets.

When the largest earthquake occurs, the whole city of San Francisco struggles to survive. At the same time, scientist Lawrence Hayes (Paul Giamatti) discovers the earthquake but not soon enough. As soon as he finds out what was happening, he and his crew at California Tech try their best to warn the whole city.

Blake then finds herself stuck in a car in San Francisco while her parents are trying to get a hold of her from Los Angeles. Ben and Ollie save Blake from where she was stuck in a parking garage. After saving her, the three of them venture through the city while fighting for their lives.

With no connection to her parents, Blake does her best to stay alive and to find her parents. Ray and Emma have a hard task of finding their daughter in such a big city. They go through many obstacles, but when it comes to their daughter, they will not give up.

The quality of this film is unbelievable; everything seems real. The special effects have the viewer’s full attention and the actors take part in that too. The film is set in a big city; therefore, there are many things to focus on. The director does a great job about where the cameras are placed and what angles we as viewers should focus on. The music also goes well with the situation and adds more emotion. The acting was spectacular; the actors made the film seem real and believable.

This film has a great cast, with both some familiar and some new ones. They cooperate very well together, and they add more to the performance of the film. Johnson sticks to every role he has ever received, and he does incredibly well as a rescue firefighter. Also because this film is filled with anxiousness, Daddario does very well when the film puts her in the scene where she finds herself stuck in the car with no help.

Overall, this film is worth the whole 114 minutes. Although some parts of the film may catch you by surprise, that is always the best part. Many main plots are happening, so it might be hard to follow with what might be going on but altogether it was worth every second. The city is falling apart, and it will help you fall deeper into the plot of “San Andreas.”

Our Grade: A
“San Andreas”
Rated: PG-13
Length: 114 minutes
Genre: Drama, Disaster
Directed by: Brad Peyton
Starring: Dwayne Johnson, Carla Gugino, Alexandra Daddario, Hugo Johnstone-Burt, Paul Giamatti