Seabury Hall offers new courses this year for academic excellence and enrichment

Aiden Gera, Staff Writer

This year, eight new courses have been offered to Seabury Hall’s upper school program to establish academic excellence and to expand the school’s diverse course offerings. The expansion of the courses is centered around best meeting students’ needs and interests, as well as adding richness to the classes.

The new classes are mainly focused around the new Hawaiian studies department. The eight classes are: Hawaiian Religion, Hawaiian Studies 1 & 2, Hawaiian 3 & 4 honors, Arduino, 3D Modeling, and AP World History.

Bill Levien, Seabury Hall’s new upper school technology director, teaches Arduino and 3D modeling. Kumi Kukini and Kumu Napua teach the new Hawaiian Religion courses and Hawaiian 3 & 4 Honors. Michael Stone teaches the newly added AP World History, which is offered to only sophomore students.

Seabury Hall’s upper school head Scott Winham explains the need for new classes, stating, “The teachers, departments, and curriculum committee are constantly trying to find ways to best serve the needs of students.”

The courses are established by teachers’ ideas for new courses, which they present to their department. The department then discusses the proposals to decide if it is an appropriate course that they want to add to the department. After the specific department agrees it is an appropriate course, then it is presented to the curriculum committee, which looks at how the course overall affects the school’s curriculum. The committee then votes on if it should be approved and added to the school’s curriculum.