From closed to open, Seabury Hall students say aloha to closed-toed shoes

Rachel Gilbert, Staff Writer

On Tuesday, August 18, the first day of Seabury Hall’s 2015-2016 school year, new headmaster Sarah Bakhiet announced in morning assembly that students may now wear open-toed shoes to school.

When Bakhiet visited Seabury Hall during the 2014-2015 school year, she was surprised at how many people wore close-toed shoes in Maui’s heat. She took some time to speak with Scott Winham, the head of Seabury Hall’s Upper School, as well as to research her idea. As a result of these conversations and research, the dress code was changed: open-toed shoes are now allowed at Seabury Hall.

Bakhiet shared that back in her old home in California, all the students wore open-toed shoes. California did not have the high measure of humidity compared to Maui during the hot fall season.

Jacqueline Peterka, head of Seabury Hall’s Middle School, mentioned that the middle schoolers love the change to the dress code but still must bring their closed-toed shoes for PE. “Kids should wear the shoe that they feel the most comfortable and safest in,” said Peterka.

Bakhiet is also thinking about possibly further changing the dress code next semester so that girls could wear sleeveless shirts. The thought is to allow girls to wear nice blouses and tank tops that are sleeveless.

Peterka agrees with Bakhiet about adding sleeveless tops with collars to the girls’ dress code.

Although the middle schoolers, according to Peterka, would like to see skirts that are not less than two inches above the knee, jeggings and tights, and sleeveless tops, she is not sure that the shorter lengths of skirts and different styles of pants would hold true to the Seabury Hall standards.

Bakhiet expressed her appreciation for the students who follow the dress code: “Thank you for looking wonderful all the time and for being great students and people who are proud of their school, and I want to make their school look good for visitors or anybody coming from the outside.”