Seabury Hall’s middle school students elect their leaders for the 2015-2016 school year

Nattharika Kaonachaithawon, Staff Writer

Elections for Seabury Hall’s middle school student council were held on Thursday, September 10. Students in grades six through eight had an opportunity to run for the positions of president, secretary, treasurer, and historian. The person who came in second place for president became the vice president.

According to Michele Winham, the middle school student government faculty adviser, the voting was open from sixth to eighth graders at Seabury Hall. Candidates for the various offices gave speeches during a middle school morning assembly to the student body, then the middle school students use their first block to vote.

Eighth grader Jena Mukai took the presidential position with seventh grader Emalia Drood as her vice president. Sixth grader Alara Berkman received the secretary spot, and sixth grader Sachiko Prierner is the treasurer. Sixth grader Noah Reisenauer was elected to the historian position.

According to Winham, the middle school student government is responsible for putting on activities before during and after school “to help to build the feeling of community as well as raise awareness for a variety of causes.”

Middle school student council also gets involved in raising awareness for breast cancer and lupus. The money raised by the classes help the class plan various activities and carry some money into high school. The middle school tries to support the high school as much as possible by doing things such as participating in spirit weeks.

The purpose of electing new officers each year is so that new students have an opportunity to run for the possible positions. Since the group is composed of both new sixth graders as well as students with lots of experience, Winham is very excited for this year’s student council.